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Changing my eye colour

I have to wear contact lenses or I can't see a thing. I spent a lot of time making sure the contact lenses were hard to detect, but recently I've started getting some tinted contact lenses. It's actually really cool that I can make subtle shifts in my eye colour. It's funny when I see that people can tell there is something a bit funny or different with my appearance and they can't always tell what has changed. My optometrist is great about showing me new products and ideas that come out that might suit my prescription because he knows I'm always up for new things.



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Changing my eye colour

How to choose the right frame for your eyeglasses

by Evan Duncan

After receiving a prescription from an optometrist, many people find it difficult choosing a frame to go with the glasses. This is because we all have different face shapes and sizes. Frames vary in prices, shapes and forms and choosing one is essential in ensuring comfort and confidence in how you look and feel. Below is a guide on how to choose the right frames for you.

Matching frames to face features— When choosing frames, you should remember that eyewear should complement your personal best feature. For example, the color of your eyes is a common factor to consider when picking out the color of your frames.

You should also consider factors such as skin tone, hair and facial features when choosing a pair. Skin tones is considered the most important element in determining frame color and it usually occurs in two color bases — cool and warm. Knowing which base your skin tone falls under can help choose the right frames for you without too much work. For warm tones, beige, gold, red, blue and blond work well. For cool tones, black, blue, silver and pink frames work best.

Matching frames to your face shape— Although face shapes vary greatly from one person to another, there are seven basic face shapes in people. Each these shapes require a different type of frame to complement them.

  1. Base-up triangle—This shape is characterised by a very wide top third and a slightly smaller lower third. To compliment the wideness of the top, choose frames that are broader at the top with light colors and ones that are preferably rimless.
  2. Diamond—People with diamond shaped faces have a narrow jawline and eye line. They also have broad cheekbones which require frames that have distinctive and detailed brow lines to soften the high cheekbones. Rimless and cat eye frames also work great with this face type.
  3. Square—This face shape is characterised by a large jaw line and a wide forehead which are complimented perfectly by narrow frame styles which make a square face look longer and make the angles appear softer.  
  4. Round—Since a round face has curved lines with no angles and same proportions, angular narrow frames make the face appear less curvy and widen the eyes.
  5. Oval—This is the most common shape as it has balanced proportions. To maintain this balance, choosing frames that are wider than the mid-part of you face will be the best fit.
  6. Base-down triangle— If you have this face shape, frames that are highlighted with color and detail on the top helps complement the narrow forehead and wider cheeks and chin by adding width.
  7. Oblong— An oblong face is longer and has a longer nose in some instances. It also has a long and straight cheek line which require frames that have more depth than width and adding a few decorative or contrasting temples to add width to the face balances it all out.