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Changing my eye colour

I have to wear contact lenses or I can't see a thing. I spent a lot of time making sure the contact lenses were hard to detect, but recently I've started getting some tinted contact lenses. It's actually really cool that I can make subtle shifts in my eye colour. It's funny when I see that people can tell there is something a bit funny or different with my appearance and they can't always tell what has changed. My optometrist is great about showing me new products and ideas that come out that might suit my prescription because he knows I'm always up for new things.



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Changing my eye colour


Could You Have A Corneal Abrasion?

A corneal abrasion is characterised by a scratch or tear anywhere in the cornea, which is the transparent layer across the front of your eye. The cornea keeps bacteria out of your eye, so it has a protective role. The top layer consists of epithelium cells, and this is the layer that tends to be damaged when corneal abrasion occurs. A corneal abrasion can be caused by debris, exposure to chemicals or trauma, such as being poked in the eye.